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An open world is still needing to be reading

So, yes the world is opening back up, but we are also getting into the summer reading season. What that means we are going back to the beach e-reading, so if you are looking for mysteries, crime fiction, have a look at the Theresa Maddux Adventures. The reviews speak volumes.

One Amazon reviewer says, "Jamie Renwick has made an outstanding contribution to the crime/action /thriller genre with her first outing "The Green And Ghastly Deep". Like Michael Connelly, J.A. Jance, and numerous others, Renwick has developed a character that you not only like, but that you care about. It's a page turner that's hard to put down and leaves you wanting more. Not everything is as it seems, and while we have a good idea of who the "bad guys" are, we are not entirely sure how things will play out.

The end of the book is as strong as the beginning. Renwick ties up all the loose ends credibly and lets you know what happened to ...

You won't be disappointed. Try this and you'll be clamoring for more. Renwick establishes herself as a player in the genre, and here's hoping there is a lot more Theresa Maddux to come."

So during this summer, fall, winter and spring, check Maddux out on Amazon.

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