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Closer by the day

The publisher edits are complete and approved, galleys I suppose, proofs perhaps. But call them what you will we are almost ready to go live on The Green and Ghastly Deep republish. Cover art is all that remains and we will be good to go. It is, as the saying goes, the deep breath before the plunge.

As I said in previous blogs, I really like the treatment by M.S.J. Books the novel received. It is a crisp, fast, exciting romp. The editors have trimmed just enough fat but none of the meat. The story remains strong and compelling, and I believe everyone, from old readers to new, will really enjoy it.

Tick-tock goes the clock. I'll send out an email to all subscribers letting you know when the book is available. I look forward to the feedback and reviews. For all involved, it's a very exciting time.

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