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News aplenty

I haven't had an opportunity to blog in some time, primarily because I was up country, in the hinterlands with possibly the world's worst internet connection. Imagine less than 2 Mbps download and less than that upload. Tragic. During that time, Trilobite Books has been busy with Maddux Book IV, Gray and Languid Grave, and the release of The Theresa Maddux Box Set, which includes Books I - 3 in the series. As with previous releases, it is available exclusively across the Amazon country platforms.

Meanwhile, I have been, as they say, beavering away, writing Book V (Hail of White-Hot Vengeance) and VI (Golden Silence, Gilded Cage) in the series. Once finished VI, I have VII (Last Stand at Purple Mountain) in the works.

It's been a busy summer and early fall. Life was supposed to slow down in retirement. Guess what? Wrong. Whether you're close to it, or far away, plan to have a lot to do. It's crazy that way. For my fellow retirees, well, you know what I mean.

And that's a wrap for now. I am back in the land of the interwebz and lightning bandwidth, so you may expect more frequent updates. For now, that's me... out!

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