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Reviews for Green and Ghastly Deep

I wanted to thank everyone who purchased a copy of the book, and who took time out of their day to write a review. Reviews are so important, not only as a thank you to the Author, but as feedback and to let would be readers, who are on the fence whether or not to spend their money, that their money will be spent on a good read.

That's not to say Authors sit back and curse readers who don't leave reviews. Well, maybe that happens a bit. Kidding. But reviews come in many forms. For me, its a mix. I like STAR ratings, but I prefer them with some comment. So, if you give my book a lower STAR rating, tell me why. I can take it, honest. Similarly, if you give me a high STAR count, tell me what you liked, and what you didn't. I appreciate the reader's point of view.

I've added a couple of the reviews left by readers about Green and Ghastly Deep. For those thinking of buying, here's what reader's are saying. And thanks in advance. I think your money will be well spent, and that it's a book you will enjoy. Come what may, please feel free to leave feedback. I can handle the truth!

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