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Revisions are revolutionary... really.

In preparation of the re-release of the Maddux Adventures, publishers at M.S.J. Books have completed their initial revisions of Book 1, The Green and Ghastly Deep. I have almost completed the read-through and have to say I like its treatment. That's not to say I don't like the original self-published release. I do and I stand by it. But this new version is fresh and new and exciting. All the elements are still there. The story, plot, and characterizations remain intact. It just reads so much more quickly. It has become a true page turner. I had always believed, and I hear from many authors, that revisions and edits are hard to deal with, that publishers fail the author's 'art'. I don't feel this way. Yes, a lot has been taken out, but no, it hasn't destroyed it. It hasn't ruined anything. It has made it better, and I am thankful to the hard work done to make this first Maddux Adventure (and surely the rest to come) into the barn burner it always deserved to be.

Thanks M.S.J. Books.

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