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The Gun Metal Blue Moon

Well, it's official sports fans, Book II of the Theresa Maddux Adventures, The Gun Metal Blue Moon, is well on its way to a full revision. I received the first publisher draft yesterday and have to admit to liking it. It's slick and fast and exciting. People say frequently that publishers can be evil bastards, but I cannot report that. Quite the opposite, truth be told.

The plan is to release the first three books in the series very close together, perhaps even simultaneously. This appeals to me as more than just as a marketing strategy. John D. MacDonald's first three Travis McGee novels were released the same way back in 1964. JDM is my favorite author, and really the inspiration for my love of both reading and writing. So, naturally, the romantic in me loves the idea of my publishing effort following suit; strikes me as poetic and kind of, well, awesome. Like kismet only not.

I sent Book III, The Dawn's Blood Red Light, to the publishers yesterday. The joys of writing standalone adventures, even with the same character, is they can be moved in sequence for publication, which has become the plan. Meanwhile, Book I, The Green and Ghastly Deep, is all but waiting in the wings. 2021 looks to be a good year. Okay, so almost any year has to be an improvement over 2020, and no I am not trying to dare fate to prove me wrong. But God willing and the 'crick' don't rise, I think it looks bright, both for Maddux fans old and new.

Signing off for now.... JMR

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