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Working remotely... do writers do anything else?

Again, my consistency for blogs, quite frankly, blows. My capacity to work remotely, up at the lake particularly, seems to shimmer like the sun across the water, or my ability to pass of fishing as somehow work related, doing research.

In some fashion, it's not a stretch. Theresa Maddux, Reese, is an avid fisherwoman, person, folk. She loves to catch trout, and while she may have gained that love from me, I don't believe it unreasonable to do research on her behalf. As much and often as possible.

Notwithstanding the load of BS I am attempting to pass off, I am actually working my way through the second draft and edits of Maddux Book V, A Hail of White-Hot Vengeance. It's coming along. I should have it off to the publisher soon. If further research doesn't interfere.

I would talk more, but I think I might actually have a bite here, so that's me for now. I'll surely be back with pictures of 'Thor' the mighty Green Lake rainbow trout, as soon as I reel this bad boy in. Stay tuned for news, research, and other rubble I see the want, need or desire to post. As a dear friend of mine often said, 'love ya, mean it,' though I actually might.

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