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Maddux Book IV, Gray and Languid Grave, now available

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Well, the great news for Maddux fans is Book IV, Gray and Languid Grave, is now available across the Amazon country platforms. You can pick up an electronic copy or paperback, or read it free on Kindle Unlimited.

This is Part I of a two part thriller, the second half of which should hit shelves in December. Now, I know what you're saying. Two parts? Are you going to cliff hanger me in Part I? Are you freezing Han Solo in carbonite and then giving him to Boba Fett? Well, the short answer is... yes. And I apologize. But Amazon underperforms when publishing large books, ones over 100,000 words, and this book is nearly twice that. So, my publisher made the decision to Carbonite the crap out of everyone, and leave the reader dangling from the cliff wall. Honestly, I'd have been upset too if I were you, at least a bit, except that it makes sense. And he's not going to leave you hanging for three years like George Lucas did before bringing us Jedi. And Part II is not going to bring you warm and fuzzy Ewoks. I promise.

All that said, Part I is a rollicking adventure in its own right (write). I think you'll enjoy it a lot, and the pay off in Part II is a ripping rollercoaster of revenge. I guess if I'm saying something, anything really, is that the book is waiting for you. Enjoy. Part II is on the way.

And no Ewoks for sure.


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