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Maddux Book IV now available!

Gray and Languid Grave, the fourth entry in the exciting Theresa Maddux Mystery series is now available across the Amazon country platforms. For customers who purchased Part One of the book, Part Two is available, while new readers can purchase the book in its entirety.

Theresa Maddux’s kin are missing without a trace.

Failed by law enforcement, vigilante justice is all she knows.

With her father in tow, the pair find themselves embracing a dark and dangerous underworld.

Trapped by circumstance and a desperate will to succeed, Maddux is forced to battle her own demons alongside modern piracy, and a layer of humanity blessed with little conscience and fewer morals.

Descending into a rabbit hole designed to overcome the most experienced of veterans, she must run a rig of rampant persistence, pursuing a foe beyond her grasp and with the knowledge failure will condemn her to an eternity in the deep.

Follow the links below ... and enjoy the adventure!

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